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Shan's Work Experience

Shan has obtained a Certificate in NLP and a Certificate in Mentorship from BYST (CII) and has been trained in soft skills by Kurshid Merchant of Canter's Network. Undergone self-hypnosis under Mr.Rooshikumar Pandiya of the Hypnotic Circle of India. Besides, Mind Mapping and Learning Techniques from Mr. Maneesh Johari of Tony Buzan Centre. 

Now, Undertaken as a trainer for World Bank project "Vaxhndu Katuvom", along with Tamil Nadu Govt EDII.

Now, working as a Resource person/Trainer for EDII, (Tamil Nadu Govt). Worked as a resource person and content developer for Oxford University Press. Resource person for Macmillan India. Resource person for T. Nadu Govt., Anna Centenary Library & Circle Libraries.

Motivational trainer for Tamilnadu Foundation. Provided Mind Mapping and Mind Games workshops to the Azim Premji Foundation in  Puducherry.  Mentor/Facilitator and Chairman of the South Chapter of the BYST (CII, Sponsored) in the period 2021-2024.

Time of India (NIE), Chennai, consultant/trainer. Admin Committee at Chennai Storytellers. Advertising Consultant for M/s. Enthrall Communications Pvt Ltd. (  Adviser to (Organic Farm). Infographics and instructional designer for National Productivity Council (Govt. Of India).

Aside from his training, he is also a scriptwriter and prepares online course materials as well.  Providing copywriting and script editing services for advertising agencies and corporations.

A number of his scripts for the Tamil Nadu Government, Medical Colleges, and Hospitals have been made into documentaries.

Many of his articles and slogans for promotional activities have been published in print and television media.

Developed Mind Mappings and concept illustrations for many corporations and organizations.

A large number of visuals and copies have been created for advertising campaigns.

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